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Understanding Judgment Recovery

Judgment Recovery You have sued someone in court. You have received a monetary judgment in your favor. Now what? Recent statistics show that up to 80% of all court judgments go uncollected. Ultimately the responsibility for collecting the judgment falls to the...

Preventing Child Abuse

Affidavit of Service

Understanding Your Affidavit of Service Affidavits of service are common legal documents used during lawsuits. Find out more about what these documents contain and what you need to do next if you receive one. by Edward A. Haman, Esq. · 4 min read If you or your...

What exactly is the service of process

n order for a plaintiff to proceed with a case, he or she must notify the defendant of a pending action against him or her. Through service of process, the defendant can receive this important information. Constitutional Framework The Due Process clause of the United...

Why hire a PI to help with your criminal defense case?

Criminal defense lawyers often take on private investigators to help determine a number of elements. First, they may need to confirm the information they have. Second, they could have the need to find new evidence. Finally, they know going into these cases that...