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Judgment Recovery

You have sued someone in court. You have received a monetary judgment in your favor.

Now what?

Recent statistics show that up to 80% of all court judgments go uncollected. Ultimately the responsibility for collecting the judgment falls to the creditor, who often enough is faced with a debtor who seeks to avoid payment.

Under such circumstances, engaging a private investigator to conduct a judgment recovery investigation is the most effective course of action. The private detective possesses the skills and resources to locate, not only elusive debtors, but elusive assets as well.

At ACS Investigations, we use the full range of our investigative abilities in order to help our clients recover judgments. We have performed over a thousand skip trace investigations to locate people who don’t want to be found, and even more to locate money its owners don’t want to be found.

The reality is that most judgments can be recovered – with a combination of persistence, patience and grit – but that many creditors simply do not turn to someone who can see the process through to its conclusion.

Using a private investigator – and our highly successful asset searches – also allows you, the creditor, the possibility to petition the court to issue a writ, which would allow for the seizure and sale of assets in order to pay the original judgment. (Moreover, process division can even serve the writ on your debtor.)

No judgment is beyond recovery. It just takes the right people with the right knowledge. At ACS Investigations, we can help you collect the funds you are owed. Because of the breadth of the services we offer as an integrated private investigation firm, we have all the necessary tools at our disposal for even the most difficult judgment recovery cases.

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